Arriving at the cottage

  1. We would be obliged if you didn’t wear outside shoes in the cottage. If you haven’t brought your own slippers then don’t worry as there are plenty of hotel slippers, to take and keep, in the hall cupboard (on left as you go in the front door).

  2. It is very important when exiting the front door to be aware that there is no pavement and vehicles pass very close to the cottage so always check before crossing the threshold to exit and ensure that everyone in your party is aware of this danger. This is particularly important if you have little people or dogs.

  3. The hot water control switch is in the Hall cupboard. Set the rocker switch to ‘Timed’ which means that the hot water tank will be heated overnight and hot water will be available every morning. When you need hot water at other times turn the dial to 1 hour for washing hands and dishes or 2 hours for a bath.

  4. We suggest you explore the cottage and all its cupboards fully to familiarise yourself with what is where. If there is anything that should be there then please let us know.

  5. Heated towel rail switches. The control for the bathroom is in the kitchen cupboard to the left of the ironing board. Press the “+” key repeatedly until you can see ‘Timed On’. This will give you 2 hours of heat from 7am and 7pm. The control for the shower room is to the right of the shower room door. In colder weather press the “+” keys until you can see “On” which keeps the towel rails on all the time and makes the bathroom and shower room toasty.

  6. If it feels a little cool on arrival then the fan heater under the drawers by the oven can help to get things going.